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Education & support for Pregnancy & Birth

welcome to pregnancy now

PREGNANCY NOW provides access to virtual or in-person (inner Sydney) pregnancy support sessions with a qualified Midwife.    

The service is suited to individuals and couples seeking additional professional guidance, education and support in Pregnancy & in preparing for Birth. 

If you need extra support that’s unique to you. At PREGNANCY NOW everyone is welcome. 

We understand the difficulties you face in navigating pregnancy, birth.. That’s why we’re here to help you through with greater ease and confidence

Our uniquely styled sessions are accessible, unhurried and tailored to your needs. They also create space to explore the more normal aspects of your pregnancy. All of which, are key elements of a more positive Pregnancy & Birth experience.

Additionally, by receiving ‘real world’ guidance you can develop usable knowledge and skills to help you feel more empowered and in control of your Pregnancy and Birth. 

Because Amanda has the necessary qualifications, skills and experience to expertly guide you through Pregnancy & Birth today, you can have full confidence in the professional advice you receive.

Not forgetting businesses and services who represent and support and childbearing women today. 

Where Amanda’s expertise in Maternal Health is used to provide technical and professional advice on all things Pregnancy and Birth. 

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‘Early nurture’

First trimester package ~ Gain confidence from the outset with 3 x 1 hr sessions from conception to 13 weeks

‘Guidance to thrive’

Mid-pregnancy package ~ Travel well through the long stretch with 5 x 1hr sessions from 14 -26 weeks

‘Empower you’

Third trimester package ~ Continue to grow, learn and prepare with 5 x 1hr sessions from 27- 40 weeks

‘Preparing for birth’ 

Almost term package ~ Become birth ready & confident with 3 x 1 hr sessions from 36 weeks till birth

‘Newborn care’

Learn what to expect in baby’s early days and how to care for your newborn x 1, 1.5 hr session anytime!

Pregnancy Now Services

Individualised pregnancy and birth Guidance tailored to your personal needs


expert advice for businesses and services who support and represent childbearing women today