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I am the founder and creator of PREGNANCY NOW. My underlying passion is to enhance pregnancy and birth experiences through knowledge, education and support.

As a Registered Midwife and Nurse with over 30 years experience I have extensive clinical background in maternal and women’s health. With expertise in pregnancy and birth that extends from the normal to medically complex in today’s health care. 

I have helped many expectant parents laugh their way to confidence through my humorous and engaging teaching style.

Furthermore, I have taught many midwives, nurses, doctors and other health workers in the city and across Australia.

I proudly hold a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Midwifery. And my other  qualifications include Newborn Intensive Care, and Reproductive Health. 

I am a member of the  Australian College of Midwives. 



PREGNANCY NOW was created as a way to address the needs of pregnant women and related businesses today.

By bringing together the collective wisdom and experience of Midwifery and Maternity care expertise into a form that is accessible to clients.

The Pregnancy support idea came from listening to many women, over many years tell me what they needed. 

They spoke of their worries and uncertainty and how their unique questions were often not addressed. Leaving them to seek answers from unreliable sources including social media groups. 

They said  they wanted unhurried, personalised guidance and support. Along with Midwifery input where normality could be explored.  

As an experienced  Midwife I know that receiving the right support in pregnancy is vital to a woman’s experience, growth and confidence.

This includes having access to a Midwife and information that is current, reliable and practical. 

Meanwhile, organisations and business are now, more than ever, being asked to respond to the needs of childbearing women. This applies to healthcare, in the community, as consumers and as employees.

That’s why PREGNANCY NOW is also offers consulting to businesses. In order to address the unique needs of clients seeking such pregnancy related services.

I am committed to my own holistic health and wellness through diet, regular exercise, spending time in nature, meditation and volunteer work.

I also gratefully support the Friends of Himalayan Children (Nepal) as my chosen charity (click image above).

Kayla and Em

PREGNANCY NOW welcomes all individuals and couples including ; same sex couples, single women, families using surrogates and gender diverse families.