Professional pregnancy & birth guidance, education & support


I offer Pregnancy & Birth guidance, education and support to individuals and couples through online and in-person consulting services.

Because it is my passion to help others achieve the best possible experience of Pregnancy & Birth. 

By receiving Pregnancy support that is tailored to your individual needs, you will able to navigate Pregnancy and Birth with greater ease and confidence.

Having ‘real world’ information from an expert in the field, you will also learn and develop skills to help you feel more in control of your Pregnancy & Birth.  

What some of our amazing clients say...

“You listened to my fears without me speaking the words”

“ You knew my emotional being, my mental being”

“I felt nurtured, heard, comforted and understood”
– Angie

Session Structure and what's included

Initial consultation & planning session

  • Virtual (Google Meets) session. Or in person if in inner Sydney area (in your home or place of your choice)
  • Relaxed safe environment
  • I’ll tell you about me, my experience qualifications and unique perspective
  • Comprehensive discussion of your background including previous pregnancies and any special considerations impacting this pregnancy
  • Identify others in your pregnancy team & intended place of birth
  • Uncover your individual pregnancy goals
  • Understand what you need from me
  • Explain what I am able to offer you
  • Offer my recommendations for number and timing of sessions
  • Pre-pregnancy &  birth debrief also available. 

Pregnancy package details

‘Early Nurture'
0-13 weeks

  • Guidance on commencing the Antenatal care that’s right for you
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings about pregnancy
  • Support with managing the physical & emotional changes in early pregnancy
  • Education on routine and optional first trimester tests & scans
  • Ongoing support toward the next trimester
  • Tips for stress management
  • A safe place to ask questions 

‘Guidance to thrive'
14-26 weeks

  • Support with managing your physical and emotional health
  • Guidance with diet and exercise
  • Gain knowledge and education to help you feel confident and empowered
  • Become confident to navigate and self-advocate the health system
  • Learn self-care and relaxation techniques
  • Education on second trimester tests, scans and vaccinations
  • Receive support in the last leg toward your pregnancy goals 

‘Empower you'
27-40 weeks

  • Understand more about the pregnancy & birth process
  • Learn practical skills for pregnancy, birth and basic newborn care
  • Education on second trimester tests, scans and vaccinations
  • Stay on track & fine tune your pregnancy and birth goals
  • Coaching for labour & birth
  • Education on preparation for birth
  • Creation of a customised ‘Birth Preferences’ plan

'Preparation for birth' > 34 weeks

  • Understand the labour and birth process
  • Learn about induction of labour and assisted delivery
  • Knows what’s involved in caesarean section birth
  • Identify your unique goals for birth
  • Creation of a customised ‘Birth Preferences’ plan

'Newborn care' Anytime

  • Baby care (bathing &  changing)
  • Newborn screening tests
  • Sleeping and settling
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Baby massage


Pregnancy guidance, education and support is beneficial to women at all stages of pregnancy.

Our sessions are available any time from confirmation of your pregnancy until the baby is born.

Sessions can be planned ahead or as needed.

The number and timing of sessions is based on your individual needs.

Get in touch to get started. 



Initial consultations are 1.5 hrs

All other sessions are 1 hour 

Sessions are in person (in Inner 

Sydney area) or virtual  

(via Google meets) Australia-wide 

Single (ad hoc sessions) are available

Packages listed above are a guide

 and can be tailored to your individual

 needs ~ including whole of